Quincy’s and food allergies

With so many people having allergies to peanuts, we use only pure Canola oil and filter it daily.

We maintain 3 different fryers- one for our fantastic French fries, from fresh cut potatoes and two for the seafood. We never fry pork, chicken or anything but seafood in our seafood fryers. Unfortunately, we do fry shrimp in our kitchen so we’re not kosher, even though Cod, Perch and Whiting are all kosher fish.

If you have any food allergies at all, please ask when you order so we can let you know.

Our breading is made with flour, so we’re definitely not gluten free.



One Thought On “Quincy’s and food allergies”

  1. cynthia February 25, 2014

    Quincy’s shrimp was delicious will go there again!! A must try!!


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